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It's National Saved By The Bell Day and I'm Just So Excited!

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

“Hey Hey Hey, what’s going on here?” It’s National Saved by the Bell day, that’s what, and to honor this special occasion I’m taking you all back in time. So strap in preppies we’re headed to Bayside!

Recognize this spot? Yeah, you do, but for those who didn’t watch the show here’s a little history. The Max was the local hang for the students at Bayside High. Owned by a magician, named Max, who sometimes popped up in the early years of the show to provide magical advice when the kids had a problem. And by magical I mean he offered comedic relief by performing cheesy magic tricks. (You know, water in flower type stuff) Aaaaand by early years I mean Season 1. As the show gained traction, the creators outgrew his tricks rather quickly and by season 2 Max had magically disappeared. His mark was made though and the diner lived on throughout the remainder of the show, serving as a backdrop for many scenes that would live on in pop culture history.

Like this classic: the "Slater Dance"

Fast forward a few decades and we have Derek Berry - a true pop-culture innovator who transformed an empty retail space into a colorful, nostalgic wonderland. Yes, I’m talking about the 90’s pop-up restaurant “Saved By The Max”.

Saved By The Max Pop-Up Restaurant in Los Angeles,CA

This sitcom-inspired restaurant is everything you want it to be. From the halls of Bayside High to the shores of The Malibu Sands you’ll be reliving those awkward teen years with a smile. Let's go!

SAVED BY THE MAX - Los Angeles, CA

You begin your journey like the start of most episodes, in the hallway of the school. Peek in the lockers!

As you are seated, you get a nice overall view of the restaurant itself. Those booths 😍

And this door!

The menus made you feel like you were ordering from Max himself.

We got:

  • This appetizer from the Beach Bar: Double Booked Prawns

  • These drinks: Zachary Daiquiri + I’m so Excited (w/red bull, obvs)

  • Foods not pictured: Mac and Screech + Tori’s Fried Chicken

Sorry, was too busy running around playing with all the props. But let's face it, you really aren't coming here for the food...

Speaking of props, these gigantic heads were a hit.

And so were the extra side rooms made up to look like other set locations.



Time Out!

Remember that season we spent at the beach?

And Screech's robot Kevin?

Even the bathroom decor was on point.

Point blank, the experience was awesome. And although this pop-up is now closed ( I know, sad face), something tells me its tour has not yet ended.

In Aug 2020, it returned as a carry-out-only service, offering meals such as the “Bayside Preppy Pack” (Burgers, tots, swag) and the “I’m so Excited Coffee Experience” (coffee beans delivered in a medicine bottle). So don't be surprised if the creators decide to bring it back for another round and when they do, I'll be ready.


Shout out to my real-life "friends forever"!

These two kids were probably watching 'Saved By The Bell' in real time when this photo was taken.



Los Angeles, CA



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