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The World Famous Crochet Museum

Hi. I'm cute. Come see me.

The coziest little museum you'll (probably) ever see can be found near the entrance of Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California. Look for the lime green photo stand and immerse yourself in a world of yarn.

Tiny Museum = Large Collection

If it exists, it's probably been crocheted...


A few things you'll find inside...

Lots O' Poodles

Clowns that are definitely NOT creepy.

Not creepy at all.

Childhood Favorites

Non Edible Food


Don't just visit the museum, be the museum.

This tiny spot truly encapsulates the desert hippy vibes of Joshua Tree and it's free - just kindly do not touch the treasures.



61855 Twentynine Palms Highway

Joshua Tree, California, 92252

Open 24/7 + Free - Donations encouraged

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