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Mom's Pie House - Julian, CA

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

It's officially autumn in the mountains of San Diego county, and when the temperature begins to drop, the crowds in Julian begin to rise. It's pretty much the kick-off to the season - the larger crowds signifying people, like myself, sipping apple cider in a 90-degree pumpkin patch, grasping at any sign of fall they can. (The term "sweater weather" need not apply.)

There is, however, one stop worth all the crowds, screaming children, and parking headaches. Mom's Pie House.

Mom's has two locations in Julian. One is located in the center of town, where it's most busy, but the off-site location is where it's at for me.

Plenty of parking when we were here on a Sunday afternoon

Mom's Wynola Garden

Sounds so peaceful, doesn't it? Who wouldn't want to stuff their face with pie here?

You'll get the same menu at either location. I recommend having a slice w/homemade ice cream on-site, then buying some apple cider and a pie TOGO, something I did not do the last time I was there and highly regretted.

Enter the Garden

Picnic tables and fall decor to enhance your pie-eating experience.

Apple cherry crumble pie w/cinnamon ice cream is the exact amount of fall your mouth needs.

Seriously, go get your pie on at Mom's right now!



4510 Highway 78 Julian California 92036

Open Daily - 9am-5pm

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