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Who is The Roadside Tourist?

Hi. Welcome!

You’re probably thinking “Great, another travel photographer, just what this world needs...”right? But this is not your average travel blog, promise.

Chillin' in Randsburg, CA - A living Ghost Town

While I admire those thrill-seeking junkies, we're not all designed that way. For those, like me, who aren't interested in the adrenaline rush I've got you covered. We'll explore those "off the beaten paths" in a different type of way. Appreciate nature but hate backpacking? we're talkin'!

Big Sur, HWY 1 - California

What to expect here:

We’ll discover all things campy that you can get to from a car, bus, or train.

We’ll stop at those quirky roadside attractions and anything that screams ‘KITSCH’!

We’ll photograph and tell stories of places old + abandoned.

We'll explore where to find the best pools and margaritas


We’ll find unique ways to explore even the most touristy of destinations while hopefully meeting some cool people along the way too!

Bigfoot, I’m looking at you 😳

Rigid Itinerary? Not here, because I believe the key to a good trip are all the experiences that happen when you least expect them.

I mean, if you're not pulling over to see the worlds largest ball of yarn than are you really even road-tripping?

So join me as we discover the roadside oddities and offbeat attractions that are responsible for turning any mundane road trip into a magical journey. (OK, and I'll sprinkle in some good eats, travel guides, and photo tips too.)

My name's Jen and I'm The Roadside Tourist.

See you on the road!

Route 66 - Somewhere in Arizona

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