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Pierce Stocking Covered Bridge - Sleeping Bear Dunes Scenic Drive, MI

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The Pierce Stocking covered bridge is not as old and idyllic as the ones in the eastern parts of the United States, but still sits beautifully among the trees in Northern Michigan.

I mean,'s small, but dainty works here. And as picturesque as this spot is, it's nothing compared to the true showstopper you'll find after you pass through these old wooden beams.

Quite the opposite of "dainty" - Sand Dunes off Lake Michigan


Up until the 60s, these views could only be found on foot (or water). Pierce Stocking, a young lumberman, had frequented the bluffs above Lake Michigan and wanted to share its scenery with the public. He proposed a road be built. By 1967, the 7.5-mile loop was born.

THANK YOU PIERCE STOCKING 🙏 (My knees thank you.)

People for scale - the dunes are big!

Hiking down to the water?

Not forbidden but not recommended.

Basically, an absolute MUST SEE when visiting the Mitten state.

Tell 'em The Roadside Tourist sent ya.



Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive, Empire, MI 49630

*Park fees to take the drive ($25 weekly pass/$45 annual pass)*

Hit parking lots #9 + #10 for the lakeshore views


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